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P-38J, 82nd FG, 96th FS, "Snooks 4 1/2".

Mis en ligne le 18/05/2010

- Plane : P-38J

- Description : 96th Fighter Squadron, 82nd Fighter Group. Plane fly by lieutenant Williamson J. "Dixie" Sloan in june 1943, Souk el-Arba (tunisia). The was call Snooks IV 1/2. "Snooks" was the name of his dog’s wife and "1/2" because a half part of his plane was repaired or changed !!! Three skins in the zip file. The historic plane, one with roundels and no number and the last with no nationals marking.

- Marking : USA

- Historical type : Near Perfect

Zip - 1.6 Mb

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