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FAQ il-2.

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FAQ il-2

When is IL-2 Sturmovik scheduled for release? IL-2 Sturmovik will be worldwide available in November 2001.

Why has the game been called IL-2 Sturmovik? In collaboration with the veteran Russian developer Oleg Maddox and a number of other respected aviation sources, Ubi Soft decided to name the game IL-2 Sturmovik in order to use a word that would be understood internationally, by gamers all around the world. The word "Sturmovik" can be understood and pronounced by people from Eastern Europe to America, Australia to Africa, and lucky people from all of those places will be playing IL-2 Sturmovik! We understand and accept that the name is a derivative of the correct translation, but we wanted to ensure everybody who wanted to say its name could do so comfortably.

Who created Maddox Games? Where do they come from? Oleg Maddox founded Russia based Maddox Games in 1992 as a specialist developer of simulation games. Recently, Maddox Games joined with Moscow based 1C Company, founded in 1991, as the developer 1C:Maddox Games for IL-2 Sturmovik. Oleg Maddox is the head of the 1C:Maddox Games and the IL-2 Sturmovik project.

What is the minimum PC configuration required to run the game? Minimum system requirements: PII 400, 128 MB RAM, 3D Accelerator with 16 MB RAM (voodoo3 at least or equal) Recommended system: PIII 600 or better, 256 MB RAM, 32-bit 3D accelerator with 32 MB RAM or better. Best configurations for full graphics options: Processor 800 MHz -1,0 GHz or better, 256 MB RAM, GeForce 2 3D accelerator or better.

How many planes are available to fly in IL-2 Sturmovik? There are 31 planes that can be controlled by the player including nine versions of the IL-2 and five versions of the Messerschmitt Bf-109. You will furthermore encounter more than 40 different AI controlled planes! Every version of each aircraft is modeled so well that you can find many differences between the flight models and performance of each model.

If you are flying a two-seater, can you switch between controlling the pilot and the rear-gunner? Yes, you can. In single play the other position will be controlled by the computer AI. In multiplay cooperative mode you also may play for the rear gunner position, but in this case you can’t switch your position to pilot. So you may start cooperative mission only as pilot or only as gunner.

Will it be possible for two people to share one plane in multiplayer games? Yes, if you choose a two-seater in multiplayer games you may share it with another player as a pilot and rear-gunner team.

Will it be possible not to fly the aircraft but to develop a career as a rear gunner, yet still feel involved in the campaign? It’s not possible to conduct an entire career as a rear gunner but you can fly full missions as a rear gunner with the AI piloting and attacking your targets.

Will it be possible to configure the loadout of your aircraft? Yes, it is possible for each flyable plane. In additional there is a feature to configure almost all AI units using our Quick Mission Builder and Full Mission Builder.

Will there be a padlock feature? Yes there will, but of course if you don’t like it you can switch it off.

Will gameplay be set across whole campaigns, or will it be divided into short missions? There will be single missions as well as Pilot Career mode across six well-known campaigns from early battles on the Eastern Front in 1941 to the last days in 1945.

Is it possible to make new missions and campaign scenarios? Yes. There’ll be a very easy-to-use and at the same time very powerful Mission Builder based on the game’s engine itself.

How many players can play IL-2 Sturmovik online? Up to 32 players can compete in deathmatch/dog-fighting mode, and 16 can fly together in cooperative mode.

Will I have to pay a monthly fee to play the game in multiplay on the servers? No, you buy only the game and the rest is for free.

Can I make my own squad insignia for my plane? Yes you can.

Can I make my own skins for my plane? Yes you can. This feature is available for each flyable aircraft, but only for multiplay. Each single plane online may have own camo(skin) and all other players will see your plane with your own skin.

Does the game support voice chat? Yes.

Will there be rain, snow and other weather effects? Yes.

Do the tanks have positional armor? Yes, all planes and other vehicles will have individual damage models, which take this into account.

Do the Soviet aircraft get to upgrade their gun, bomb and rocket calibers to any degree as the war advances? Those features were upgraded for aircraft throughout the war and so that model WILL be given more loadout options as time pass and newer types are introduced.

Can you record your missions? Yes, you can do this and watch your best single-play flights again! You also can edit these for the best cinematic view.

Will IL-2 Sturmovik be a hardcore simulation or more of an out-and-out action game? Our sim will be an authentic and accurate simulation as well as a game for players that like instant action and an easy-to-use flight model! Less experienced gamers can switch off features such as stalls, spins and blackouts, but hardcore gamers can leave them in. There will also be an easy-to-use mission builder with which you can create your own missions and even simple sightseeing flights.

Why aren’t there swastikas on the German planes in IL-2 STURMOVIK? The widespread enthusiasm for flight simulators like IL-2 STURMOVIK is based on a passion for flying, its historical roots and the technology and tradition associated with it, rather than the political background of the game’s scenario. We are aware of the claim that is occasionally made that depicting symbols of Germany’s political system during the Third Reich is a documentary necessity in certain contexts. Nevertheless, symbols can also articulate political opinions. Conscious of the historical events of this period, we would like to ensure that IL-2 STURMOVIK does not become a focus for political or ideological discussion. We also want to make it perfectly clear that we have no sympathy whatsoever with the ideology of the Third Reich.

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