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IL-2 press kote general.

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English press

-, July 06, 2001: "I continue to be amazed at the technological leap that is IL-2... No kidding… the AI [Artificial Intelligence] is amazing. I never seen AI so human."

- GameSpot, July 28, 2001: "Could turn out to be the best-looking World War II flight sim to date." "Aircraft models are simply gorgeous, with superb detail right down to squadron markings and different summer and winter paint schemes."

- CGW, August 2001 issue (by Gordon Berg, p111) "Modeling just about every aspect of the Eastern Front during WWII that you could imagine, the sim should be a hardcore enthusiast’s dream No wonder I haven’t encountered this much buzz over a flight sim in a long time."

-, March 22, 2001: "The aircraft in IL-2 will set new standards in detail this year, for appearance as well as flight and damage models. It’s a great time to be a virtual warrior!"

-, March 22, 2001: "I like it. I’ll buy it. I’ll buy all the planned add-on packs. I may fly nothing else once this game gets out. It’s really that good … It leaves all the competition in the distant dust."

-, March 22, 2001: "This is the one we’ve all been waiting for, ladies and gentlemen. If you don’t buy this one when it’s released, you’re gonna be missing a hot one."

-, February 28, 2001: "IL-2 first of all is the most visually stunning WWII sim I have ever seen. No, strike that! It’s the most visually stunning GAME I have ever seen! …The planes are works of art, plain and simple."

-, February 26, 2001: "IL-2’s high-altitude contrails are going to change the way we play air combat sims ... forever."

-, February 23, 2001: "A WWII sim with a novel setting, and more out of the ordinary aircraft than you can shake a stick at. Graphics are simply stupendous."

-, February 23, 2001: "Adjectives like ’magnificent’, ’superlative’, ’awe-inspiring’ and ’stunning’ keep popping into my head … It will, by all accounts, set the standard to new heights."

-, February 21, 2001: "From take off to touch down, this program has all the elements that will have it soaring above the competition and setting new standards for graphical rendering."

-, February 15, 2001: "This game is the most visually stunning, awe inspiring, un-freaking-believable … WWII flight sim that I have ever laid my eyes on!" proclaims’s latest preview of Oleg Maddox’s upcoming masterpiece. "Wow! Wow! And Wow again!"

-, February 7, 2001: "Am I excited? You’re damn right I am!"

- Thrustmaster, January 4, 2001: "Damage modeling will likely set a new standard for simulation design … IL-2 appears content with no compromise."

- PC Pilot Magazine, December 15, 2000: "Graphically, what we’ve seen so far is incredible … Combined with cutting edge damage models and some of the best graphics yet seen, the specifications of the total package had us sweating in anticipation."

- CGW, December 2000: "A painstakingly detailed sim."

- PC Gamer, December 2000: "This remarkable new title looks poised to elevate PC combat flight simming to an entirely new level of realism and fidelity."

- Daily Telefrag, November 17, 2001: "I will buy this game when it hits the stores - if you tell me about something like it, I’ll be surprised much."

- Computer Games Online, September 19, 2000: "a revolutionary flight sim that covers an area of WWII long overlooked by game developers."

Presse Française

- E3 : IL-2 - Sturmovik Le combat aérien rétro à la sauce Ruskov...

« Attention les amis, cette simulation s’annonce comme une bonne grosse bombe des familles.. »

« Le moins que l’on puisse dire, c’est que le soft a des arguments de poids pour vous motiver. »

« Sentiment renforcé par une réalisation qui pourrait bien reléguer Combat Flight Simulator 2 et consorts au second plan. »

« Le cockpit virtuel impressionne, les dégats localisés sont excessivement nombreux, les effets spéciaux fourmillent de tous les côtés, on évolue vraiment dans du grand spectacle aérien. »

« Il2 impressionne vraiment ! Sortie annoncée pour la fin 2001. »

- « On commence en beauté avec la modélisation des avions, très détaillée : les appareils sont soigneusement reproduits, superbement texturés, et fort bien animés (flaps, gouvernail, train : tout est mobile). »

« L’environnement n’est pas en reste, avec de superbes textures de sol, des forêts magnifiques, des montagnes réussies. »

« Le plus impressionnant des aspects visuels du jeu est la couverture nuageuse, crédible au possible : les nuages volumétriques sont éthérés, parfaitement rendus, et font sans le moindre doute partie de ce qui se fait de mieux dans le genre ».

Presse étrangère


“The graphics continue to amaze me. The cockpits are by far the best I’ve ever seen.” “The clouds in the sim are incredibly realistic.” “The terrain gets better every time I see it…it still outshine most other sims.” “The flight modeling and gameplay are as realistic as everything else in this sim.”

Games Domain

"The best flight model I have ever seen"

- “One of the most impressive damage models and visual representations of damage I have ever seen.” “IL-2 is going to be a sim that should meet, or maybe even exceed, all of the hype we have seen and heard.”

“I am amazed at the amount of detail that appears to have been included in this sim.”

“People who do not buy this sim will be missing the experience of a lifetime.”

- “The game looked very good and should please even those seeking the entire range of eye candy their computer is capable of producing.”

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