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Key Features for IL-2.

Mis en ligne le 6/08/2011

IL-2 :

The IL-2 Sturmovik flight simulator highlights the legendary Red Army ground attack aircraft of the same name, and the historical air combat that took place on the Eastern front during WWII. Called "flying tank" by the Russians and "the Black Death" by the Germans, the IL-2s proved so much their superiority over the German Messerschmitts and Junkers that Stalin is said to have remarked that ”the IL-2 is as important for the Red Army as air and bread!”

- Fly 31 types of Russian, German and American planes. See them in different camouflage and paint schemes for different times of the year (at least summer and winter). See 40 other types of aircraft engaged in large air battles (with camouflage paint schemes changing from summer to winter)

- Play two different multiplayer modes: dog-fighting or cooperative missions across a LAN or the Internet with dedicated servers for online play

- Play with up to 32 players in dogfight and 16 players in cooperative missions. Use custom paint schemes, squadron nose art, numbering on wings, and national

- See realistic 3D world environment, including terrain, sky, unique clouds and weather conditions. See exceptionally high quality aircraft and ground unit graphics

- See massive air and ground battles between German and Russian airplanes and tanks

- Play quick missions using full mission parameter settings. Play different types of single missions. Play campaign missions and track your career. Play new scenarios designed by other players

- See realistic smoke, explosions, fire and other special effects (realistic dynamic damage modeling)

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