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Hurricane Mk I, Tarokodi.

Mis en ligne le 23/11/2009

- Plane : HurricaneMkI

- Profil : Wing Master hors-série n°5 "La bataille du desert 1940-1941"

- First upload : 2003-12-30

- Update : 2007-03-14

- Description : Hawker Hurricane Mk I carrying the marks used during the transfer from "Tarokodi" (Ghana) to "Caire" (Egypt). The number painted on the fuse is a provisional number, the white painting must allow easy location in the event of force landing. Noted two number 5 on the foto.

Four skins in the zip : the W4769 (3) in B pattern, the number 5 in A pattern and two unmarked in A & B patterns. Internals by FBS.

- Marking : RAF

- Historical type : Near Perfect

Zip - 1.6 Mb
Hurricane MkI

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